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Wife, mother, owned by pets (two cats and a dog), sister, friend. Crafter, creator, student. Enjoys beading, sewing, and recently learned to weave baskets. Yes, I make baskets out of vines, how fun it is!!! and working with gourds, handpainting, pineneedle work, beaded ... And exploring the newsvine. Live in Sacramento, California.

Attending college as a returning student for degree in accounting. Already have the Senior level Career Certificate and studied for a RE license. Also do volunteer work with Order of the Eastern Star, and am trained & certified in the local CERT (community emergency response team)program for emergencies. My picture is from a Drill conducted with Fire Deptartments from around the state at the Ames Research Center. I was a volunter that was 'rescued' from different scenarios including one where I was underground in a concrete box. Boy was that fun.

Am looking to learn to learn and LEARN. Not one for verbal verbosity, but I can get my point across, usually .... I think!

I believe in KISS------Keep it simple, silly!